Through my astrological guidance and insight I can empower you to make the right life choices for you at this present time. I will be able to encourage you and support you to fulfill your life goals and direction at the right time with the right tools in your toolkit. My guidance won't be fatalistic or negative but empowering and validating, a non-judgemental approach to the life challenges and experiences you are most likely to be encountering at this very moment in time. I offer a full chart analysis to include your main life themes and a karmic analysis to indicate where exactly you would reap the most benefits in this lifetime. The analysis takes either 45 or 60 minutes of your time and will include the main transits and progressions (these are astrological terms and entail highly technical knowledge) that are going on for you right now.

Many people argue why should they believe in astrology. Surely we have free will they say. Yes indeed this is so. However I believe whereas we do have free will about 30 per cent of our lives involves fate playing a strong hand, the other 70 per cent is how we work with it. I may also offer distant reiki healing during the consultation, However I generally offer to chant for your health and happiness for 7 days since I am a practising Nichiren Buddhist and believe this can work at a higher level. Of course healing or chanting should not be seen as a quick fix and nor indeed should an astrological consultation. However it is a profound step in the right direction for self-awareness and personal development to put the sense of control and direction back into our own hands.

I am now going to tell you a little about me. I used to work with vulnerable adults for many years in London. I trained as a reiki master in 2005. At one point in my life I worked in housing for over 9 years with people in crisis to include asylum seekers, those with mental health issues, womens issues, substance misuse, ex-offenders, young people, learning difficulties and and children and families work in addition. There really are very few problems I haven't dealt with or heard about and I find people fascinating!

I have always been intrigued by what makes people tick. How does one person get more luck than another? How does one person get an easier life than somebody else and so on? I have been studying astrology for some thirty years and believe it is a valuable way of getting some essential guidance as to what the current trends are in one's life. I believe in helping others to reap the rewards of choice opportunity healing and positive thinking to maximise on life's opportunities.

I also am a big aficionado of 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne which many of you will know as a very empowering piece of work and regularly employ 'The Law of Attraction' cards by Esther and Jerry Hicks which runs along the same principles. I regularly employ The Angel Therapy Oracle cards and Angels cards by Doreen Virtue at the end of the consultation. During the consultation I ask you to select a card from the pack to work with in your immediate future.

A relationship analysis of two parties can be supplied but I would ask that the second party is either present at the time of the consultation (for example where there is a relationship crisis) or that you seek the written or verbal consent of the other person if we are working with somebody who isn't able to attend - this is for ethical reasons.

The consultations can either be by email, over the 'phone, at my home or by Skype. I am also available to travel to do home visits but there would be a small additional fee to cover travel expenses.

I am based in Long Eaton, in between Nottingham and Derby

Payments accepted by Cash, Cheque or PayPal

Business Review (up to 90 mins) - £60

Holistic Reading (up to 1 hour)- £30

Contact Me:

Marie-Claire Keen
Astrologer & Reiki Master

Tel: +44 (0)115 9460939

Mob: +44 (0)7840 630915

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