Reiki Healing

You may be wondering why I carry out distant healing and do not do hands on healing. Whereas I have of course been trained in both forms my own reiki master is a skilled distant healer and I appear to have acquired that gift from her. Reiki comes from the Japanese for universal life force. Essentially we all have ki or chi energy in us and it is a question of enhancing it to bring us to a more whole state of integrated health.

After a distant healing session occasionally the issues you are faced with may feel a little exaggerated for a while but this is what is known as a brief 'healing crisis'. On most occasions however the person feels uplifted and more centred and reiki is almost always non-invasive and gentle. Where there is a particularly strong reaction it means there is still plenty to heal!

Distant reiki healing can be offered on its own i.e. without an astrology consultation and for that there is no need to attend in person. I would send two sessions to the recipient over the space of a week at a time agreed. Believe it or not it really works!

I am based in Long Eaton, in between Nottingham and Derby

Payments accepted by Cash, Cheque or PayPal

Business Review (up to 90 mins) - £60

Holistic Reading (up to 1 hour)- £30

Contact Me:

Marie-Claire Keen
Astrologer & Reiki Master

Tel: +44 (0)115 9460939

Mob: +44 (0)7840 630915

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